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In order for therapists to be able to volunteer their time with ASCC, they need to have at least a Masters Level degree in counseling and five years of clinical experience post-licensure. Each therapist needs to be currently licensed in the state of practice and also maintain the required liability insurance as stated by degree level. Clients are assigned to therapists based on their need for counseling and when they are available to come for counseling.


Leslie McCrory - Chair
Pat Boyd
Chad Donnahoo
Todd Donatelli (The Very Reverend)
Pat Hinkley, MA, RN
Richard Hurley
Penelope Jackson
Steve Levenberg, PhD
Margaret McKeel

Claire Sordoni Smith
Larry Thompson


Sue A. Brooks, MA, RN, LPC Executive Director
Rhea Cravens, PhD
Jack Parsons, Financial Coordinator                    
Vivian Williams, Clinical/Office Coordinator
Kitty Price, Development Co-Coordinator
Pam Penland,  Administrative/Development
Zoe Trout, Administrative Assistant

Judy Bennett, LPC
Susan Bird, Ph.D.
Sue Brooks, LPC, BSN
Trish Clow, MPH, RD. Nutritionist
Beth DeLap, LCSW
Karen diRenzo, LCSW
Suzanne Gloor, LPC
Dottie Green, LCSW
Kate Gregory, M.D.
Jack Hughes, LPC, CCAS
Marilyn Kolton, Ph.D.

Maureen Linneman, M.Ed., LPC
Sherry McCreary-Luft, LPC
Dan Mermin, Ph.D.
Terri Morgan, M.Ed., LPC, LCAS
Linda Newman LCSW
Helena O'Neal, LCSW
Phil Ramsey, LPC
Debbie Rios, LCSW
Syd Speer, LPC
Joell Steininger, LCSW
Mary Ann Watjen, LCSW

home | about us | what we offer | make an appointment | directions

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